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Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Many of you today are now using Windows 10, or may be considering upgrading to it. The difficult part of getting a new operating system is learning how all the new features work. This article willWindows 10 keyboard shortcuts help you discover a few of the new Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. If you find these Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts useful, you may want to take a look at our basic keyboard shortcuts, and the more advanced keyboard shortcuts.

Windows Key + Left or Right arrow (Snap)

This will let you snap the current window to take up either the right or left half of your display. Once the window reduces to half, the task view will appear in the empty window. Now you can select the next window you would like to fill up the other half. The snap feature does not end there though, you can actually view four windows at the same time. You can now make you active half window reduce to a quarter box, by using the window key + Up or Down arrow.

­­Windows Key + Tab (Task View)

We talked about the task view in the last shortcut, and how it opens when you snap a window left or right. You can also open this view anytime by using this keyboard shortcut here. Many times this is a useful tool when you have multiple windows and virtual desktops open.

Windows Key + Ctrl + D (New Virtual Desktop)

After the last shortcut you may be asking yourself what is a virtual ­­desktop? Virtual desktops lets you create multiple desktops to run and view different apps. It’s like having multiple monitors with a different program open on each one. You can be on one desktop working on a word document, and then switch to a different desktop which has you email open. Once you start using virtual desktops , you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

Windows Key + Ctrl + F4 (Close Virtual Desktop)

Our last shortcut for today is of course how to close all the virtual desktops you have opened to make your life so much easier.

We hoped you enjoyed these Windows 10 shortcuts, and even found some to be useful for yourself. Please visit us in the future and we are always putting out new ways to make your life easier when it comes to using your computer.

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