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More Advanced Keyboard ShortcutsMore advanced keyboard shortcuts

If you have the hang of most of the basic keyboard shortcuts, here are a few more advanced keyboard shortcuts that you may find useful as well. If you found these more advanced keyboard shortcuts useful, take a look at our basic keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + Backspace (Delete word)

This will allow you to delete a whole word at a time. Instead of hitting or holding down backspace to delete a bunch of words, simply use this shortcut

Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow (Move cursor one word)

Using this shortcut will move your cursor one word instead of one character at a time in whichever direction you need.

Ctrl + Shift + Left or Right Arrow (Highlight word)

Using this shortcut is similar to the one above except that it highlights each of the words as the cursor moves.

Ctrl + Shift + V (Paste unformatted)

Most everyone is familiar with using copy and paste. The problem is many times when you paste something you copied, it does not paste the way you would like. This is because whatever format is being used gets copied also. Use this shortcut to make this one:more advanced shortcuts formatted









look like this one when pasted:

more advanced shortcuts unformatted





However when using most Microsoft programs you will need to use Ctrl + Alt + V instead. This will bring up the “paste special” dialog box from which you can choose unformatted text.

Ctrl + Spacebar (Unformatted text)

If you have already pasted the selection with the formatting or you want to remove formatting from a desired selection, then use this shortcut. Highlight the area you want formatting removed from and use this shortcut.

Ctrl + = (Subscript)

Use this shortcut if you need to add subscript to something you are typing.

Ctrl + Shift + = (Superscript)

Use this shortcut if you need to add superscript to something you are typing.





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