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Mac OS X El Capitan new features

Many of you Mac users today are now using Mac OS X El Capitan, or may be considering upgrading to it. The difficult part of getting a new operating system is learning how all the new features work. This article will help you discover a few of the new Mac OS X El Capitan new features. If you find these Mac OS X El Capitan new features useful, you may want to take a look some of our other shortcuts.

While this upgrade did not have a lot of new features, there is something to be said about sometimes less is more. The lack of new features is overlooked, due to the fact that the time was taken to make much needed improvements.

First as we discussed in a previous post was the ability to find the dreaded missing cursor. However, some people need to move their cursor rapidly for various reasons. For this reason it is possible to disable this cursorMac OS X El Capitan new features behavior if you need to. Go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display and unselect Shake mouse pointer to locate.

Second, a new option in System Preferences > General allows users to automatically hide and show the menu bar. This is very similar to the way users can choose to hide and show the dock menu. This is a great new feature for users of smaller laptops such as the 11-inch Mac Book Air or the 12-inch Mac Book. This lets the user use the entire screen on the smaller displays without losing space for menus.


Next, one of the biggest frustrations people had in Yosemite was the fact that the Spotlight window was fixed to the middle of the screen. In El Capitan you can click on the Spotlight result box and move it around the screen. Additionally, the new Spotlight search system introduces “natural language” searching. This upgrade makes it much easier to find items on your Mac. This means users will be able to type things like “emails from last week” or “photos from Jamaica vacation”. Because Spotlight is integrated throughout OS X you can also use these search terms inside other apps. You can even type complex phrases like “emails from XYZ last month that contain attachments”.

Here’s how you’ll be able to use Spotlight in OS X El Capitan:

  1. Press Command-Space to open Spotlight Search.
  2. Enter a natural search term, such as “Emails I sent last month”.
  3. As you type the Spotlight search window appears.

We hoped you enjoyed these Mac OS X El Capitan new features, and even found some to be useful for yourself. Please visit us in the future and we are always putting out new ways to make your life easier when it comes to using your computer.

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