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Enough Memory Installed in your Computer?

Not having enough memory is one of the biggest reasons for a computer to run slow or have performance issues. Not only is this one of the biggest reasons, it is also one of the most overlooked reasons. People tend to take things for granted that have been the same for a long time. Memory in your computer is one of those things. People will buy a computer that has the recommended minimum amount of memory needed for what they need the computer for. Just because you have the minimum does not mean you have the most effective.

If a program is using up all of the available memory, that program will have to store extra information on the hard drive. The space on a hard drive used for additional memory is called a page file. Every time a program has to go to the page file on the hard drive the program begins to run slower. In addition, to a particular program using up memory, it is possible to use up memory by running too many programs at once. If your program needs 2 GB of memory and you computer has 4 GB you think everything is fine. The problem comes when you have two or three programs open and running that all need memory.  Also your original program may have only needed 2 GB of memory, but after many upgrades the program now needs all 4 GB.

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The thing is people don’t think about having enough memory. The computer always worked fine before, and now it is running slow so something must have happened. In reality we just keep pushing computer harder and harder and new and better features come out. The good news is that memory upgrades are very affordable. Memory is constantly being improved. So buying and installing enough memory is a quick and usually cheap way to boost your computer performance. Check your resource monitor when your computer is running slow and see how much memory is being used. Then go to your system settings and see how much memory your computer has. Then check what the maximum amount of memory your operating system supports. Finally research what it would cost you to give your computer more than enough memory.

If you have any trouble with this, or are not comfortable performing these tasks, please feel free to contact us for assistance. We can help anyone in Ft. Myers or Cape Coral having computer memory issues, or any other computer repair. If you think you have another computer issue that could be causing slow performance call Ridgeview Technology today at 239-292-3194.

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