Home Automation diagram
Energy Management

Control your water heater, pool pump, sprinkler system, and/or A/C systems any time you want, no matter where you are.

Access Control

You can open your front door from anywhere with your phone or tablet. Also, have your lock tell you when and who opened the door.


Whether on vacation and wanting to check on the house or at dinner wanting to check on kids, view home cameras from anywhere.

Lights & Appliances

Improve safety, reduce energy usage, and increase convenience by turning lights and appliances on and off whenever you want.

Today’s technology is making everything easier and more affordable. The “Internet of Things” is a concept that is connecting more and more objects together. Little by little more objects can communicate with each other. Even a remote controlled home is no longer something just seen in the movies. These days just about everything in your home can be connected together. New products are coming out everyday, making a fully controlled smart home a reality for everyone. This is making home automation in Cape Coral and Fort Myers more popular.

See how home automation can result in added safety, cost savings, and peace of mind for you.

Call Ridgeview Technology today to see how your Cape Coral, or Fort Myers home can be a smart home. Forgot to turn off a light or appliance when you left the house? Just turn them off from your phone. Set the thermostat for the home A/C to be a couple degrees cooler as you leave work. Check on the inside or outside of your house anywhere in the world. Access home surveillance cameras from your phone, tablet or laptop. Out of town and need to let someone in your house? With just a flick of your thumb, unlock or lock your front door. All of these great features can be yours. Find out today how easy it can be for your home to be a smart home.