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10 Basic Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Take a look at these keyboard shortcuts below. These are some of the most basic and most used keyboard shortcuts. If you find these useful, take a look at some more advanced keyboard shortcuts here.keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + F (Find)

This shortcut will open the find box on any page you are on. Depending what program you are using the find box will let you search for a particular word, phrase, or letters on a page, or use the search and replace capability.

Ctrl + C (Copy)

This shortcut will copy whatever text is currently highlighted.

Ctrl + X (Cut)

If you want to move text from one spot to another you will want to cut it out rather than copy the text. This shortcut is used to cut the highlighted text.

Ctrl + V (Paste)

Once you have either copied or cut the text you are working with, chances are you are trying to paste it to a new location. This shortcut will paste whatever you just previously copied or cut to wherever you cursor is currently located.

Ctrl + Z (Undo)

This shortcut is used to undo whatever you just did. If you just cut something instead of copying it, or pasted something in the wrong spot, just undo it. Undo can be used over and over to undo multiple changes. Furthermore undo doesn’t just apply to typos, if you accidently move or delete a file undo will put it back in place before move or deletion.

Ctrl + Y (Redo)

Just as you can undo something, you can also redo something. This shortcut will let you redo something once, or multiple times.

Ctrl + Home (Top of Page)

This shortcut will move the cursor to the beginning of most documents and web pages.

Ctrl + End (End of Page)

This shortcut will move the cursor to the end of most documents and web pages.

Ctrl + P (Print)

This shortcut will let you open the print preview page. You can see how your document will print, and then print it if you wish.

Ctrl + S (Save)

This is probably the most important shortcut, and least used. This shortcut will save whatever you are working on. Don’t lose a big project you have been working on just because you didn’t hit Ctrl + S periodically.

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